On the cover of Season two, however, she is shown wearing light blue lipstick. Her gambling skills are so outlandish and her own personality is so imposing that nobody dares to go after her, specially head on. She seems to enjoy bullying her and has called her a "bitch" in more than one occasion (which ended up turning Midari on, though). We do that because I can’t be the only one who saw this scene and wanted to be in Kirari’s/ Mary’s position? The Wiki Rule: Kakegurui Wikia. In a different story, she announces she's getting married as a joke, making Sayaka depressed. Yumeko Jabami is the main protagonist of Kakegurui. share. Kirari making Sayaka Igarashi her secretary. GREIFF Cuisine Premium 5583 Regular Fit - Chaqueta de Cocinero para Hombre,ANTSPUENT,BURBERRY Brit - Polo para hombre,Unbekannt c.g. Defeat Yumeko Jabami (formerly)Retire from the position of Studen Council PresidentKeep her status in the Hundred Devouring Family She can feel amber eyes boring into the side of her head. share. She has long black hair that is styled in a hime-cut and brown eyes, along with two curved streaks at the side of her face. 22 comments. 『Momobami Kirari』 Japanese : 桃喰 綺羅莉 Spoilers? Since our start since February 2014, Kakegurui Wiki has currently editing over 286 articles and 1,875 images and you can help.. Kakegurui is a mediawiki-based encyclopedia hosted by Wikia that contains information about Homura Kawamoto and Tōru Naomura series Kakegurui.We are striving to be the most known encyclopedia that covers information about the Kakegurui series. Kirari is voiced as of August 8th, 2012 through THE IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA MASTER 008 Moroboshi Kirari. Kirari found the fall very fun and wished she had done it sooner. 22 comments . I can’t be the only one who saw this scene and wanted to be in Kirari’s/ Mary’s position? Her hair styled in a side ponytail tied with a white ribbon with bangs swept to the left. Sayaka is a girl of average height with long dark violet hair. Browse the user profile and get inspired. Kirari Momobami: Stockholm Syndrome; feelings of trust or affection felt in many cases of kidnapping or hostage-taking by a victim toward a captor. report. She refuses to which Kirari asks her why and gets somewhat threatening. She can make her own clothes too, showing a hidden dextrous side to her. Kirari found that very intriguing. Two years prior to the start of the series, Kirari became the student council president when she was a first year high school student and was the one that carried out the reform were she created the donation and the "dog" and "cat" system. They play a Tarot card game and whoever loses must leave the school. Momobami Kirari yuhhh birthday present for my friend Alternate Universe - Magical Girls Established Relationship i guess? Gambling information At an unknown point while Kirari was a child, she played a game of Old Maiden against Rin Obami in front of the entire family. But due to Yuriko’s luck, Yumeko loses and becomes a housepet. Posted by 4 days ago. Characters ⬇ Yumemi Yumemite Kirari Momobami Itsuki Sumeragi Runa Yomozuki Yumeko Jabami Midari Ikishima Sayaka Igarashi Meari Saotome Rei Batsubami Ririka Momobami ----- Angst Hurt/Comfort Fluff AU … With Saori Hayami, Minami Tanaka, Tatsuya Tokutake, Karin Nanami. Rin Obami | FAKE GUN TW // midari cosplay. Kirari Monobami Itsuki Sumeragi: Would treat you to dinner or something fun to celebrate. $16.99. Her win causes the discrimination already present at Hyakkaou Private Academy to become stronger with the oppression increasing strongly against those who are weak against gambling. Kakegurui Wikia is a FANDOM Anime Community. Everyone is shocked and against it, but then a visitor named Rei Batsubami bursts in. She suggested the surgery would be done the next day, but Midari poked her eye out on the spot. "And your birthday is in three weeks." your own Pins on Pinterest Crimes Her fingers twitch at her sides, itching to reach for the mask resting beside her. Ririka Momobami (older twin sister)The Hundred Devouring Families (distant relatives)Unnamed grandmother Runa Yomozuki | 33 comments. How unique is the name Momobami? Yumemi Yumemite | 35 comments. 2019/05/16 - Pinterest で び〜ひ〜 さんのボード「賭ケグルイ」を見てみましょう。。「賭ケグルイ, かけぐるい, 綺羅」のアイデアをもっと見てみましょう。 However despite her generally inhumane and detached demeanor to others and the suffering she has caused, Kirari is shown to possess a genuinely close sisterly relationship with her older twin sister, Ririka Momobami. Kirari … Snap, tough, & flex cases created by independent artists. Anime. "Baby girl, you sure are sweet." Yumeko embraces being a housepet. Momobami Kirari 636. It is known that she won the election not through voting, but through gambling against the former student council president. Itsuki Sumeragi | save. After the game, Yumeko checks under the floor and thinks Kirari might have used a small hole beneath the swords to guarantee Yuriko’s win. Runa Yomozuki: She would let you calm down with a little game watching, allowing yourself to relax until you were ready to fall asleep. Japanese Her face is obscured in the first season of the drama. She also had once gambled and won against Midari Ikishima. Riri Hitotsuyanagi is a main character from the series Assault Lily. Since she is aware of his plans and he knows, that she knows, the two often tease and challenge each other in the council room, as Kirari sees it only as a game. English share. Kirari Momobami Cosplay (by me) 747. Midari Ikishima | Momobami Kirari; yuhhh birthday present for my friend; Alternate Universe - Magical Girls; Established Relationship; i guess? Check out Axilirator's art on DeviantArt. While she doesn't commit any cruel act, she's always depicted as an extremely eccentric person; she enjoys teasing/pranking her fellow student council members or doing weird, unexpected things. You want to show me how I'm yours?" However, Sayaka intervened and Kirari took the chance to challenged them both to a game she had always wanted to be played. But she also states how she loves people like her, that she can't understand. 1 Appearance; 2 Personality; 3 Trivia; 4 Gallery; Appearance. Sometimes she is shown in the shadows, but her face is never visible. $33.98. 8 talking about this. save. Suitable for girls with height (153-182cm),1inch=2.54cm, To buy, select Size. save. Yuriko Nishinotouin | Her dream is to shine and be loved by everyone, so she came upon the world of idols. A Boring Girl A group of people opposing her has formed and they challenge her regime. Miyuki Sawashiro Yumeko is a very attractive pale-skinned girl with a large bust. Sayaka shook her head, steps halting as she waited for the elevator. report. She asks the student council members what they should do against Yumeko, which she responds to her that they will intervene a little with her and see how it goes. Kirari se muestra como una chica bastante educada y con muy buenos modales, que hasta ahora, le ha encantado ver cómo las demás personas apuestan lo más preciado para ellas (siendo la dealer en el encuentro entre Manyuda y Yumeko, y en el enfrentamiento entre Igarashi y Yumeko). Terano Totobami | Second year (Twin)Third year (currently) my best friend got me a pack of cards for my birthday. ” She wears the standard Hyakkaou Private Academy school uniform which is a red blazer with black trim on the cuffs and around the neck and it is decorated with gold buttons that is complete with a black tie. hide. Kirari refused, but promised to one day kill her, like she wants. Kirari Momobami is the main antagonist of Kakegurui, particularly serving as the main enemy in its first arc as well as the first season of its anime adapation. Whoever loses, will have to jump out of the fifth floor. High-quality Sumeragi Greeting Cards designed and sold by artists. Kakegurui Yumeko Jabami Kirari Momobami School Uniform Cosplay Costume Full Set. It was all up to Ryota Suzui, but he gave in to the rush of risk and picked a random one. She winked, holding your hand. Momobami Kirari yuhhh birthday present for my friend Alternate Universe - Magical Girls Established Relationship i guess? Unlike Kirari, Ririka keeps her long hair down and she doesn't wear lipstick or painted nai… Runa Yomozuki: Now who wouldn't want a whole day of gaming with a small, but feisty girlfriend. Evil-doer As seen during her interactions with her, where she stated to truly treasure and love her and was stated to be delighted in her slowly developing confidence due to her friendship with Mary Saotome. Kirari Momobami even enters the scene and wants to watch. Age : How old is a third year? One time Sayaka catches her while she's calling Midari Ikishima mean names, apparently to help her decide which types of insults are the most exciting ones. After Midari Ikishima's game she has a meeting with the other branches of the Family. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Nozomi Komabami | Itsuki Sumeragi: Would ask you for anything you needed at the moment, being gentle and caring. YOU ARE READING. Ibara Obami | After Yumeko Jabami won the gamble against Itsuki Sumeragi, Sayaka Igarashi enters the student council room where Kirari is sitting. Election Committee … Apr 11, 2020 - CosplayClass offers high quality cosplay costume, anime cosplay movie costume game costume, cosplay shoes, cosplay wig, cosplay boots, cosplay accessories. Kirari Momobami had moved in. But she chose not to reveal it in order to reinforce how he was at her mercy, which was even more humiliating for him. Lily has the belief that even people with different opinions can understand each other. Kirari is mysteriously absent from the episodes of Season one and was replaced by Ririka Momobami and Kaede Manyuda during her important scenes (e.g., it is Kaede the one who invites Mary Saotome to join the Student Council). Kakegurui Ikishima Midari School Uniform Suit Cosplay Costume Women Girls Daily . It aired from July to September 2017 on Tokyo MX, MBS and other channels. Yumeko is a very attractive pale-skinned girl with a large bust. Full Name Yumeko's family is aligned with the family of Kirari Momobami who challenges her for Hyakkaou Private Academy. Posted by 4 days ago. share. share. Free shipping . Upon taking office, Kirari created the hierarchy that turns the students with the largest debts into house pets. The first one is Emi Igawa. I will do whatever it takes to reach this “heaven” of a goal. In the anime and manga, her eyes are sometimes seen glowing red whenever she becomes excited. 佐賀新聞kirari!さがっ子(18日~24日の紙面から、みんなの表情を紹介!) 651. Miyo Inbami | Sayaka has empty dark violet eyes and pink lipstick. But Kirari jumped right after her and embraced Sayaka. hide. But due to Yuriko’s luck, Yumeko loses and becomes a housepet. Goals share. She is the 105th Student Council President at Hyakkaou Private Academy and the one responsible for the current hierarchy at the academy whose family is aligned with the family of Yumeko Jabami. Igarashi Sayaka/Momobami Kirari (112) Jabami Yumeko/Saotome Mary (37) Manyuda Kaede/Sumeragi Itsuki (9) Minor or Background Relationship(s) (8) Momobami Kirari/Saotome Mary (7) Momobami Kirari & Momobami Ririka She is quite intrigued by this uprising and hopes that it will bring a lot of thrill. High quality Sumeragi inspired Metal Prints by independent artists and designers from around the world. With this most people were already too scared to take her on, noted Rin. A pause for emphasis. Then, Rin Obami and Sumika Warakubami arrived and proposed to beat her themselves. Kirari explains, that she wanted to see Kaede lose personally. After the game, Yumeko checks under the floor and thinks Kirari might have used a small hole She is the 105th student council president at Hyakkaou Private Academy. In a chapter, she arrives at school on a Segway and appears very amused by her new vehicle, although Sayaka Igarashi is worried she might fall off it. She then later is proud of Rei for finding her purpose in life again and is present when Rei writes herself a new last name within the family. In honesty, she really wouldn't entirely mind. Media. Get up to 35% off. During the Election, she quickly gambles her way to the top with having the most votes. Michelle Ruff 166 cm (5'5½") Kirari has no regard for human life and simply follows through what interests her. Mary says. She wonders if the winner would then "starve" or break the aquarium itself. Posted by 5 days ago. She is the 105th student council president at Hyakkaou Private Academy. She pitches the idea that maybe Rei will become president and flip everything on its head. A complete narcissist, she belittles everyone besides her, believing everyone is to play by her terms alone, as seen when Mary Saotome rejected her invitation to join the student council, she simply ridiculed whatever reasons could be had, as simply foolish and illogical. He found that to be foul and left, leaving Kirari behind surprised. share. In the live-action drama version, she is portrayed by Elaiza Ikeda, but she only made her full appearance in the upcoming movie sequel of the drama. Kakegurui [One-Shots and Scenarios] Fanfiction. Elaiza Ikeda Kirari has quite a few enemies, mainly the Council Executive named Aoi Mibuomi. 35 comments. She says being devoured, can be exciting. She called Rei breaking free, fascinating and thus rewarded her. Voice Kirari Momobami: Would treat you like royalty, but wouldn't let you drift off far from her. Telling Sayaka, she'll die a complete stranger to her. So Kirari says, that Sayaka must also die a complete stranger to her and Kirari will go on and forget she ever existed. Height Egh 18 or 19. Kirari shares several similarities with Yuuki Otokura, in that both are extraordinarily tall and love cute things. Discover (and save!) CheatingTorture Normal Occasions: for Halloween, Christmas, Festival,Carnival,Ball Gown,Drama,School Performance,Masquerade,Birthday Party,Show Role-play/Dress Up and Party,etc. Fun Facts about the name Momobami. She's also shown talking during her sleep, having bizarre dreams about her secretary and narrating them by herself. Kirari then comforted a relieved Sayaka and said, that she cant wait to see more from Yumeko. Requested: sapphicbabygirlHappy early birthday Yumemi Yumemite: Would sing a song dedicated to you because It's your special day. That kind of altruism was no altruism at all: it was utilitarianism, a cause-effect itinerary people ignored. Main Characters この作品「无题」は「桃喰綺羅莉」「賭ケグルイ」等のタグがつけられたイラストです。终于看到了国人画的会长了!感谢。很喜欢会长啊,但是不要说会长了,整个番在P站的作量都很少,怪可惜的,大部分都没能画出会长的气质。 She believes as long as the journey is entertaining, the outcome doesn't matter. She invites Mary to join the student council. She has blue eyes and it is shown to wear a shade of blue lipstick and has blue painted nails (though in some official art it is seen as pink). Vice-President | kirari!さがっ子(18日~24日の紙面から、みんなの表情を紹介!) hide. She has very light skin and long white hair, that is shown as being gray in the anime. Kirari took a look and thanked her, but didn't think it was that interesting. Kirari finds it very interesting to see them fight. Her teeth sunk into her lip, nearly drawing blood as she fought against the logical correction her mind was making without her permission. ... “Happy twenty-first birthday, Sayaka.” Arms snaked around Sayaka’s waist, Kirari's hands blindly fumbled for the undone double zippers of Sayaka’s jacket, attempting to get the metal bits to latch together. Episode She then draws a very good card, while Yumeko a bad one. Kirari imposes life plans or other tormenting punishment upon losers with little regard for anything other than hersel. The following is a list of the characters of the Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler manga, anime, and drama series. save. "Seems like fun." Posted by 5 days ago. Lift your spirits with funny jokes, trending memes, entertaining gifs, … Torturing Vice-President | save. Yumeko Jabami (蛇喰 夢子) es la protagonista de Kakegurui. 684. share. During the later broadcast, Yumeko Jabami challenged her to a gamble. Itsuki Sumeragi: Obsessive compulsive disorder; having a tendency towards excessive orderliness, perfectionism, and great attention to detail. When Kaede Manyuda gets challenged by Yumeko, she steps in as the dealer and explains the game. She has many similarities with Yumeko Jabami. In the meantime, she seems to relish on imposing fear on others and make their lives as miserable as possible. Posted by 1 day ago. Kirari Momobami | my best friend got me a pack of cards for my birthday. there's a pov change like halfway lmao ; that's like the only way I could write it without deleting yeehaw; Summary "Long story short, I'm a magical girl." Momobami Ririka (413) Momobami Kirari (316) Saotome Mary (292) Igarashi Sayaka (273) Jabami Yumeko (156) Ikishima Midari (110) Yomozuki Runa (79) Suzui Ryota (77) Sumeragi Itsuki (61) Manyuda Kaede (39) Include Relationships Igarashi Sayaka/Momobami Kirari (242) Momobami Ririka/Saotome Mary (210) Jabami Yumeko/Saotome Mary (63) hide. Cosplay: Yumemite Yumemi, Momobami kirari, Suzui ryota, Yomoduki Runa, Jabami Yumeko Brand: Wecolour, More Anime Cosplay Costume Clothes Full Set in the shop, Such as Kakegurui - Compulsive Gambler, Danganronpa, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Demon Slayer, Beastars, My Hero Academia, etc. your own Pins on Pinterest The thought excites her and makes her want to gamble with the president. Rank She offers to get rid of them any way possible, but Kirari doesn't need that. From this philosophy, she will fight with many Lilies and gradually emerge in the battle against the Huge. Unique Sumeragi clothing designed and sold by artists for women, men, and everyone. She is a transfer student at Hyakkaou Private Academy and the classmate of Ryota Suzui and Mary Saotome. Election Committee Chair, Yuna Yomotsuki gives an update on the election, naming the top 10 contenders, with Kirari Momobami still in front with a long lead, Terano Totobami in second place and Yumeko Jabami in sixth place. She comes to have an increasingly great deal of interest, respect and admiration for Yumeko with every victory she obtains. Gambling doesn’t get them anything, they only lose something. She asked Midari whether she ever saw the other side of the moon. That stare may just be the death of her one day, she thinks. She doesn't care about winning or losing and simply craves excitement. High-quality Midari Ikishima Greeting Cards designed and sold by artists. 3. Yumeko Jabami is the second anime role for both Saori Hayami and Erika Harlacher. Kakegurui You/Midari Ikishima - Birthday You/Kirari Momobami - Life Plan You/Sayaka Igarashi - Call ... You/Kirari Momobami - Nothing Part 1 You/Kirari Momobami - Nothing Part 2 You/Kirari Momobami - Plans You/Yumeko Jabami - Nothing Part 3 You/Midari Ikishima - Help You/Sayaka Igarashi - Study Date You/Kirari Momobami - Struggle You/Yumeko Jabami - Gamble You/Ririka Momobami -Different … Happy early birthday Yumemi Yumemite: Would sing a song dedicated to you because It's your special day. All orders are … School Momobami Kirari; yuhhh birthday present for my friend; Alternate Universe - Magical Girls; Established Relationship; i guess? report. She is the 105th student council president at Hyakkaou Private Academy, as well the one responsible for the current hierarchy at the academy. As Ririka is the identical twin sister of Kirari Momobami, the two of them share all of their facial features as they both have pale skin, long platinum hair (gray hair in the anime) with bangs that are styled in a hime-cut and light blue eyes. She attempts to gain anything from it, from mere amusement to financial or political benefit. It can also mean "sparkle", "light" or "glitter" (きらり or キラリ). After the debt settlement game, she is impressed by Mary Saotome and Yumeko cheating the system and profiting so much from it. She was getting excited and always bet all in. Kakegurui Compulsive Halloween Fancy Dress Yumeko Jabami Uniform Cosplay Costume. 636. Get up to 35% off. hide. Add to Cart. 655. She also sometimes gambles with Sachiko Juraku, who shares a lot of her ideals and she shows interest in Mary Saotome after she transferred. Alias Origin save. Later, drinking tea, she talks to Sayaka about the vote-buying going on. 1 Apariencia 2 Personalidad 3 Drama 4 Relaciones 4.1 But, Ririka Momobami goes and she stays behind and dresses up as her sister. Tier: 10-B Name: Yumeko Jabami Origin:Kakegurui Gender: Female Age: 16-17 Classification: Student, Gambler Powers and … She wears a gray colored skirt with patterns on it, black colored panty hose and Hyakkaou Private Academy's brown loafers with black soles. President 727. hide. Erimi Mushibami | save. She explains to Sayaka that since she chose the door with the number 5 and she had to fall 5 floors, that was the solution that allowed her to live. : Yes, spoilers from the manga but I don't think it matters that much since Kirari wasn't shown that much in the anime. Midari called her a pervert and wanted to play again. In the anime, she is voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro in Japanese version, and by Michelle Ruff in English version, both of whom also voiced the Ririka Momobami. Then Sayaka chose one of the doors. She sees the academy her aquarium and enjoys observing how people act, when they are at their lowest and have to fight for the top. Student Council PresidentHead of The Hundred Devouring Families Kakegurui (Japanese: 賭ケグルイ) is a Japanese anime series adapted from the manga of the same title written by Homura Kawamoto and illustrated by Tōru Naomura. High quality Kakegurui inspired device cases by independent artists and designers from around the world. 16.2k Likes, 194 Comments - kirari simp (@izzaebean) on Instagram: “ITS MOMOBAMI DAY ~~~~~ Happy Birthday to my two goddesses and queens. With his pick it ended in a draw. These are revolutionary, durable and completely brilliant. She likes calling the academy her aquarium and enjoys observing how people act, when they are at their lowest and have to fight for the top. She wears the standard female Hyakkaou Private Academy issued uniform; a red blazer with black trim lining the cuffs and collar, a white button-up dress s… She then asks Sayaka to do her braids and then continues on with the game. Itsuki Sumeragi: You were singing to yourself while doing work, and she thought it was the purest thing she's seen. Kirari stopped in front of the tall, metallic gate that reported “Momobami” crafted in it. Occupation Ririka nods, embarrassed, gaze studying the floor. She is a transfer student at Hyakkaou Private Academy and the classmate of Ryota Suzui and Mary Saotome. my best friend got me a pack of cards for my birthday. Miri Youbami | However, Yumeko wins because she figured out the towers secret, in which Kirari is very pleased with Yumeko enjoying the tower. Gamble skillsManipulationHigh intellegence Japanese In Starlight Stage, her image stat specialty is Dance. She shows them the Tower of Doors, which was built for gambling alone. Miroslava Honebami | $56.99. Kirari Momobami | report. She picks up the most valuable card to show to everyone and seems to have "accidentally" marked it with her nail polish. Kirari Momobami: "Hm, I'm yours now huh? Since Kirari knew she wouldn't fit for a life plan, she got a different idea. Directed by Yûichirô Hayashi, Kiyoshi Matsuda, Yasunori Gotô. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. Being the creator of the infamous pet system, where she purportedly encourages mistreatment, bullying and sub-human conditions on other students, reveals a sadistic side to her as well. Members of the Hundred Devouring Families, https://kakegurui.fandom.com/wiki/Kirari_Momobami?oldid=11115. She mentioned that if they found the solution they will live. She was later talking with Terano Totobami about her plans and Terano simply stated, that she will take her down no matter what. Yes, yes I am. Espero y el contenido de la página sea de tu agrado Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. Kirari announces that she wants to hold an election for a potential new president and disband the Student council. Before she jumped out she confessed her love one last time and let herself fall. Yumeko Jabami | Kirari intrigued by Terano Totobami's determination. It is only in Season two that Kirari starts being present. Directed by Yûichirô Hayashi, Kiyoshi Matsuda, Yasunori Gotô. Kirari is a girl with an average height. Itsuki Sumeragi: "You're the only one for me, don't worry!" Kirari often bets everything she has and since she takes any risks, she is an incredible gambler. Kirari then laments about how all the pieces are falling into place and her "fishes" are eating each other. Unique Kakegurui designs on hard and soft cases and covers for iPhone 12, SE, 11, iPhone XS, iPhone X, iPhone 8, & more. 22 comments . Kirari Momobami even enters the scene and wants to watch. Share. 655. hide. Live-Action She kissed your lips. report. In the live action Kirari is played by Filipino Japanese actress Elaiza Ikeda. [Gallery] Es muy tranquila, demostrándose cuando, a pesar de que casi todo el Consejo haya sido derrotado por Yumeko, parece no importarle mucho. Mary says that she has a problem with the housepet system. Yumeko Jabami is the main protagonist of Kakegurui. Kirari Momobami had moved in. Kirari wanting to see the other side of an eye. Sayaka Igarashi(五十嵐 清華Igarashi Sayaka) is a supporting character inKakegurui. share. Kirari was ready to accept but wanted to set the stakes really high. She had defeated the former student council president in a high-stakes game two years prior to the story. Then, Kirari reveals herself to the shock of everyone.