Capacity of the Bowl was later expanded to hold 80,000 fans before being reduced to its present-day capacity of 64,000. Established through the generosity of Augustus Russell Street (B.A. Lt. David Ingalls (B.A. Yale graduates become influential leaders in the American Revolution. While an undergraduate, Walter Camp (B.A. Yale began a new tradition in 2014 of a “Founders Day” event for students, faculty, and staff, to be held annually on a day close to the anniversary of the 1701 founding. SOM focuses on preparing men and women who will be leaders in their businesses, NGOs, entrepreneurial ventures, and communities. Construction is completed on the Pierpont House, the oldest surviving house in New Haven. Yale Institute of International Studies, the only research center of its kind in the world, is established. Yale’s Forestry School, now the School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, is established, the oldest in the country, and the only such school at an Ivy League institution. To zoom out, use the keyboard shortcut [Ctrl] + [-] in Windows and [Cmd] + [-] on a Mac. Yale University Art Gallery opens, the first college art museum in the Western Hemisphere. LL.M. The best way to experience Yale is to visit campus. The Yale … The Center and its ongoing programs were made possible by the generosity of Yale’s great philanthropist Paul Mellon (B.A. We are a vibrant community of scholars where chemical engineering guided by sustainability, and environmental engineering with a molecular focus, come together at one of the world’s leading academic institutions. Yale’s earliest museum collection was begun in the eighteenth century and consisted of “natural and artificial curiosities” from around the world. The Peabody Museum of Natural History is established by the philanthropist George Peabody, uncle of Othniel C. Marsh (B.A. In 1701 the Connecticut legislature adopted a charter “to erect a Collegiate School.” The school officially became Yale College in 1718, when it was renamed in honor of Welsh merchant Elihu Yale, who had donated the proceeds from the sale of nine bales of goods together with 417 books and a portrait of King George I. Yale Divinity School is founded as the “Theological Department.” Religious studies were central to a Yale education from the beginning. It looks like you're trying to zoom in on this page. It supports 34% of our total operations: from the financial aid we give to our great students to our cutting edge scientific research, from our world-class professors to our unparalleled art collections. Women have attended other schools at Yale since 1869, when the first women enrolled in the School of the Fine Arts. students at Yale Law School enjoy small class sizes, the camaraderie of fellow LL.M. Handsome Dan became the Yale mascot in 1889 when student Andrew B. Graves saw the dog sitting in front of a shop and purchased him from a New Haven blacksmith for $5. The Yale campus is transformed into a military training center, and laboratories are used to conduct research in support of the war effort. British troops invade New Haven, but the student militia rallies to help defend the city. Join a campus tour and information session, and leave time to explore New Haven. For a list of undergraduate majors, see the Yale College Programs of Study page. Yale’s residential college system allows students to experience the cohesiveness and intimacy of a small school while still enjoying the cultural and scholarly resources of a large university. The School’s faculty and alumni include leading U.S. and international practitioners responsible for some of the most important architecture and urbanism of our time. Edmund Fanning, secretary to the British general and Yale graduate (B.A. Established with John Trumbull’s donation of his paintings, including his original series of Revolutionary War scenes, the collection now encompasses over 185,000 works of art from ancient Egypt to the present day. 1778), and Timothy Dwight (B.A. The First Yale Unit, formed in 1916, is considered to be the first naval air reserve unit and the first aerial coastal patrol unit. Calhoun College is renamed to honor one of Yale’s most distinguished graduates, Grace Murray Hopper ’30 M.A., ’34 Ph.D. See For Yourself. Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science, Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology, Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Sciences. Today, Yale awards Ph.D. degrees to students who have completed work in seventy-four departments and programs. The following is a list of our degree-granting academic departments and programs. Edward A. Bouchet, a New Haven native and graduate of the Yale College Class of 1874, is the first African American to earn a Ph.D. in America. Yale football games have been a tradition for Yalies since the mid-1800s; we celebrated 150 years of baseball in 2015; and Yale athletes have excelled around the world in the Olympics and other international competitions. Payne Whitney Gymnasium, one of the largest indoor athletic facilities in the world, is completed. In 1880 Yale enrollment reached 1000, and in 1887 Yale College changed its name to Yale University. Yale becomes the first university in the U.S. to award Doctor of Philosophy degrees. His degree was the sixth doctorate in physics ever awarded in that field. A $150 million path-breaking gift by Blackstone founder and Yale alumnus, Stephen A. Schwarzman ’69 B.A. Yale Center for British Art, which contains the most comprehensive collection of British art outside the United Kingdom, opens its doors. Their plan was well received in New Haven, America’s first planned city. 1929). Partnerships Across Yale University. Yale students invent the Frisbee, tossing pie plates from the Frisbie Pie Company to each other and calling “Frisbie!” to warn passersby. Today, Yale is one of the most active musical campuses in the world, with more than 400 concerts offered each year by visiting performers as well as University faculty and students. In 1906 a major renovation restored the original gambrel roof. 1778), Joel Barlow (B.A. Today, the Yale campus still rings with the sounds of the Whiffenpoofs as well as more than one dozen other organized a cappella singing groups. Contact the Registrar’s Office The Commencement ceremony on Old Campus is our most joyous tradition, during which all university degrees are formally conferred. The Yale School of Medicine welcomes first-year students to a life in medicine during the annual White Coat Ceremony. Yale School of Drama is founded, thirty-one years after the establishment of a Department of Drama in the School of the Fine Arts. degrees and operates the Tony Award-winning Yale Repertory Theatre. 1889), is completed. Estimate your cost in 3 minutes » Visit Yale. 1747). A thorough restoration was completed in 2002. Captain Glenn Miller and his band’s weekly broadcasts from Woolsey Hall are heard by citizens and troops around the world. Two new residential colleges, Pauli Murray College and Benjamin Franklin College, open, beginning the expansion of Yale College from 5,400 undergraduates to 6,200. The College provides a new model of liberal arts education for Asia that will prepare high potential students — from Singapore, the rest of Asia and beyond — for leadership and engaged citizenship in today's complex and rapidly changing world. 1769). "Yale's Endowment is the engine that drives the university. It houses a major encyclopedic collection of art in several interconnected buildings on the campus of Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut.Although it embraces all cultures and periods, the gallery emphasizes early Italian painting, African sculpture, and modern art Also, hats. It was the first nursing school to have autonomy within a university and to be under university standards and influence rather than under hospital control. The date in parentheses following each name is the year in which the faculty member initially was hired at Kent State University. It looks like you're trying to zoom in on this page. Other leading Yale patriots included Nathan Hale (B.A. Other college sports firsts occurring at Yale include the first intercollegiate game of modern baseball (1865), the development of modern football (see 1880), and the first game of basketball played with five-man teams (1897). One of the first academic programs in public health in the country is founded. 1773), making Yale the first planned college campus in America. students, and a close relationship with the Yale Law School faculty. The Yale University Art Gallery (YUAG) is the oldest university art museum in the Western Hemisphere. Upon its completion, Harkness Memorial Tower is the tallest freestanding masonry tower in the United States. The Faculty of Arts and Sciences is composed of the departments and academic programs that provide instruction in Yale College and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. With many architectural features reminiscent of the great cathedrals of Europe, Sterling Library is well known for its numerous carvings, ironwork, and lead glass windows illustrating the history of books, writing, and Yale. His areas of interest include jurisprudence, international law, constitutional law, criminal law and cybersecurity. Yale commemorates its Bicentennial with ceremonies on campus and with gifts from alumni that supported the construction of University Commons, Woolsey Hall, and Memorial Hall (the Rotunda). Yale Bowl is completed, the largest amphitheater built since the Roman Colosseum. The university traces its roots to the 1640s, when colonial clergymen led an effort to establish a local college in the tradition of European liberal education. 64% of students receive financial assistance. Yale School of Architecture is founded, fifty-six years after the establishment of a Department of Architecture in the School of the Fine Arts. The first collegiate rowing races are held in New Haven Harbor. 1773), Noah Webster (B.A. will create a world-class, state-of-the-art campus center by renovating the historic Commons and Memorial Hall. Welcome to the Department of Chemical & Environmental Engineering at Yale University. For best results: use the most recent version of your browser, disable your browser's 'zoom text only' setting, and use your browser's default font size settings. Take a stroll through Yale’s three centuries of history, and learn about the traditions that have become part of the fabric of our university. Yale School of Nursing is founded, succeeding the fifty-year-old Connecticut Training School. 1796, faculty 1799–1853), teaches the first modern science course (chemistry) in the United States. Twenty-five Yale men served in the Continental Congress, and four Yale graduates signed the Declaration of Independence—Lyman Hall (B.A. The facility includes over 400,000 square feet of research/lab space and includes office and warehouse space, in addition to a full-service child care center and a central utilities plant. It was used as the Office of Undergraduate Admissions before becoming the Visitor Center in 1995. The School offers M.F.A. 1747), Philip Livingston (B.A. In the twentieth century, Yale emerged at the forefront of approaches to new ways of studying literature. Scott Shapiro is the Charles F. Southmayd Professor of Law and Professor of Philosophy at Yale Law School. Yale University Registrar’s Office, 246 Church St., 3rd floor, New Haven, CT, 06510. The National University of Singapore (NUS) and Yale University announce that they will establish Yale-NUS College, an autonomous college of NUS. Yale financial aid awards meet 100% of demonstrated financial need without any loans. Yale's West Campus, located on 136 acres 7 miles west of downtown New Haven, is acquired. No uniform course of study is prescribed for LL.M. Organized within the Graduate School, it supported faculty research in foreign affairs and created the first interdisciplinary Ph.D. program at Yale. First seven residential colleges are opened. The 2017 CTL Forum on how faculty are using digital technology to meet pedagogical goals was held on Oct 2, 2017 in Yale’s Center for Teaching and Learning. The listing below represents full-time faculty at all Kent State campuses and locations who were employed at the start of the academic year. This icon of the University contains a beautiful 54-bell carillon that is played daily by student and professional carillonneurs. 1757), persuades the British to leave New Haven without burning the city. The Faculty of Arts and Sciences is composed of the departments and academic programs that provide instruction in Yale College and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Class Day takes place on Old Campus on the Sunday before Commencement and includes the awarding of academic, artistic, and athletic prizes; the celebration of undergraduates; and an address by a notable speaker. The Department is also the precursor of the Sheffield Scientific School and the School of Engineering, making it one of the first scientific schools in the U.S. Yung Wing is the first Chinese man to be awarded a degree (B.A.) Handsome Dan inspired Cole Porter to write Yale’s famous fight song, “Bulldog, Bulldog.”. To zoom out, use the keyboard shortcut [Ctrl] + [-] in Windows and [Cmd] + [-] on a Mac. and J.D. Each year, new students in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences sign the register to celebrate the start of their graduate studies at Yale. The department’s founders started a tradition of community outreach that continues today around the world through the work of faculty, students, and alumni. Yale School of Medicine is founded as the “Medical Institution of Yale College.” The Yale System of Medical Education, which is based on the concept that medical students require guidance and stimulation rather than compulsion or competition, was introduced in 1931 and remains distinctive among medical schools. During Yale’s first two centuries, Yale graduates influenced the spread of Christianity by serving as missionaries throughout the world. 1880) develops the modern game of football from the rough game of rugby. These include New Criticism, comparative literature, and literary deconstruction. ... and the program has a deep disciplinary focus that includes formalized coursework and research in the philosophy and practice of science. Considered the father of modern scientific education in America, Benjamin Silliman, Sr. (B.A. Yale students adopt Handsome Dan, a ferocious and enthusiastic fan at early football games. The spelling was changed when Wham-O began mass-producing the saucers. The University currently consists of fourteen constituent schools including the undergraduate liberal arts college, the Graduate school of Arts and Sciences and twelve professional schools. Designed by Gordon Bunshaft, the building is constructed of translucent marble panes framed in granite and enclosing a six-story freestanding book tower. Yale School of Music is established. End of World War I. He is the author of Legality (2011), The Internationalists (2017) (with Oona Hathaway) and editor of The Oxford Handbook of Jurisprudence and Philosophy of Today, the Whitney and Betty MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies is a focal point for encouraging interdisciplinary, international, and area-focused research and teaching. Yale Law School is founded. The Yale Law School has fostered major movements in American law, including the law and economics movement, the law of outer space, and international human rights. Yale College admits women for the first time. and D.F.A. In 1861, Yale became the first university in America to award Doctor of Philosophy degrees. Plan a Trip » In addition to the Master of Business Administration degree (M.B.A.), students may pursue a joint degree with any of eight other Yale professional schools. To zoom in, use [Ctrl] + [+] in Windows, and [Cmd] + [+] on a Mac. 1889), often referred to as the “Father of the U.S. Forest Service,” and his parents donated the funds to start the school. 1860), the nation’s first professor of paleontology.

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